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PO Box 1522
Madison Square Station
New York, NY 10159-1522
Phone: 212.712.1585

I grew up in in the desert of Tucson, Arizona and even at a very young age I was always fascinated with photography. I would obsess over the images that I took with my simple Brownie camera and other types of point-and-shoots. I was not allowed to go into my father's darkroom and I learned to print at a much later age.

I got most of my formal photography training while living in Paris, France and attending Parsons School of Design. I also worked as a photographers' assistant at Vogue Studio in Paris. It was then that my hobby became my profession.

I now live in New York City where I work as a photographer and graphic designer. My passion is photographing people, landscapes, and cityscapes. There is always something new in New York and I never tire of the everchanging city and seasons. I also love to photograph in the Southwest - in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas... There is a unique quality of light in those areas of the country that I have not found anywhere else in my travels. I also love to travel to other parts of the world, always with my camera in hand.

I love experimenting with black and white infrared film, as well as black and white and color films. I get bored easily and photography offers so many venues that I am able to venture off into many directions.

I develop my own black and white film and print my own black and white images, traditionally, in the darkroom. I am now doing more color since Photoshop and the Epson printer took over. Now I have complete control over my color images and can print out a professional and archival-quality picture.

The photographs you see here are from my black and white collection. Most were done on assignment. Some were done "for me" and some were for friends. Many of these were turned into greeting cards.

I hope that you enjoy them.

Christina Lord